The second phase of Inventec's residential area (2.2 billion yuan in 2011-2012) Region: Chongqing Progress Stage: Project Approval Verification Construction Period: 2011-2012 Major equipment: fire-fighting facilities, cranes, excavators, fans, speed-up devices, generators, control devices, adj
According to the report of the American Physicists Organization Network on August 31, for many years, scientists have faced the challenge of carrying a lasting power supply in the study of insect-made miniature aerial vehicles (MAVs). Recently, scientists at the University of Michigan have
Acidity meter: The pH meter is a precision instrument for measuring pH and can also be used to measure electromotive force. First, the installation of attention: 1 The voltage and frequency of the power supply must conform to the data indicated on the nameplate of the instrument and must
In December, North African suppliers are expected to raise their bids to US$590 or higher. In November, Morocco's OCP ordered 30,000 to 40,000 tons of diammonium from Tunisia at a low price of US$570. It has not yet been sold. Last week, FOB ammonium phosphate prices in the two major fertilizer