Gate valve is the closing piece (gate) along the vertical axis of the channel to move the valve, the pipeline is mainly used as a cut-off medium, that is, fully open or closed. In general, the gate valve can not be used as regulating flow. It can be applied to low temperature pressure can also be ap
1. Keep a 0.51 cm gap between the wall of the sofa and the wall. 2. Avoid direct sunlight. Place it in a place away from sunlight, or use translucent tissue curtains to separate sunlight. 3. Vacuum at least once a week, paying particular attention to removing dust between fabric structures. 4, so
Final forging three forming steps. Mainly based on the following two points: First, reduce the number of final forging strikes, improve the life of the insert mold; Second, through two steps of upsetting, to maximize the removal of scale. Mold design structure and points The screw press can use a f