World's largest fine terephthalic acid dryer arrived in Quzhou Gulei

On October 8, two of the world's largest specifications of the purified terephthalic acid steam rotary dryer arrived at the Quay of Quzhou, Fujian Province, after long-distance transportation at sea for more than 10 days, and began to be lifted and ashore in the morning on the 9th. Lulu Petrochemical Yuzhou Co., Ltd. factory area. In order to ensure the smooth transport of heavy equipment from the terminal to the plant area, the Gulei Development Zone in Quzhou completed the 2,500-meter-long, investing more than 7,000 million yuan worth of roads to expand and renovate the apricots during the National Day to meet the company's transportation requirements.
It is reported that these two pieces of equipment were developed and designed by Nanjing Tianhua Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. The diameter of the dryer cylinder is 4.2 meters long, 43 meters long and weighs more than 380 tons. The value is more than 40 million yuan. It is refined terephthalic acid. It is the key equipment in the production process of PTA products and is mainly used to dry the wet materials in PTA production.

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