Yuchai's technological achievements won the annual China Machinery Manufacturing Achievement Award

Recently, 3 technological achievements of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. won the 2012 China Machinery Manufacturing Process Achievement Award. Among them, the Manufacturing Technology Department Lu Denghong, Liu Yi, and others claimed the "casting method for multi-cylinder and one-gear engine cylinder head anti-deformation quantity" and won the first prize, and the manufacturing technology department Yuan Fuwu and others declared the "cylinder head fuel injector copper sleeve pressure". "Packaging Process" won the second prize, and the "Ni-base self-fluxing powder one-step repair mold" declared by Wang Chunfeng and others of the Manufacturing Technology Department won the third prize.

It is reported that China Machinery Manufacturing Technology Association organized the selection of the process achievement awards, a total of Yuchai, Machinery Research Institute, FAW, Second Automobile, One trailer, Beijing Automotive, Geely and many other well-known companies participated. The award-winning project selected this time has been declared by the China Machinery Manufacturing Technology Association to the China Machinery Industry Federation and participated in the selection of the National Achievement Award organized by the China National Machinery Industry Federation.

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