The mainland intends to open Taiwan LED lighting standard LED factory will benefit

In order to accelerate the conversion speed of LED lighting, the mainland will announce a limited opening of Taiwan LED lighting standard certification in the near future. Initially, it will be based on the application that can be adopted immediately in the mainland. The legal person estimates may be the LED street lamp standard, including crystal electric, ç’¨ round, and billion light. , Dongbei, Yuhong, Edison, Ronda and other factories will benefit.
Continental LED street light installation number Edison agent spokesperson Xu Zhengdian expressed optimism about this. He believes that the mainland market is very large, but the current mainstream market for LED lighting is still in Europe and the United States, and the standards of European and American standards are relatively advanced, but it is not excluded that the mainland will continue to take advantage of its market and continue to strive for the dominance of future standards.
Zhu Mudao, head of the Institute of Electronics and Optoelectronics of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, said that according to the current progress, the experimental results of LED street lights on both sides of Taiwan and the mainland are consistent. Next, we should start to promote mutual recognition of the experimental results. At least, In the future, Taiwanese companies can reduce the time it takes for products to be sent to mainland certification bodies.
In the early days, LED street lights will be the mainstay. Due to the official regulations of the mainland, Taiwanese manufacturers must set up factories in the mainland to participate in the bidding. Therefore, Taiwan LED manufacturers have set up their own factories or set up joint ventures with mainland manufacturers. Taiwan LED Factory believes that Taiwan's LED street lighting standards are formulated and manufacturers are involved. Therefore, the standard content of the standard will be clearer. If the mainland is willing to adopt some Taiwan standards, it is equivalent to Taiwan's standard in the standard part, plus Taiwan. The factory has good technology and good quality. Naturally, it will help the Taiwan factory to win the mainland LED street lamp market.
The legal person said that in the 12th Five-Year Plan of the mainland, the goal of 50 cities and 2 million baht was set, and it is expected that the business opportunities of LED street lamps will grow significantly.
Yan Feng, chairman of the board of directors, said that Taiwan's LED manufacturers win in technology but lose in business, and the basic business is the standard. Therefore, the Taiwan LED street lamp industry alliance, which is composed of Taiwan's LED upstream and downstream manufacturers, has actively cooperated with mainland LEDs this year. Contact with relevant units, for example, in cooperation with Fujian Optoelectronics Industry Association, completed two agreements including the LED lighting standard certification and the LED lighting demonstration application cooperation, and completed the tunnel lighting demonstration plan of 30 kilometers and about 14,000 miles.
The Street Light Industry Alliance changed its name to the Taiwan LED Street Light Industry Alliance. It is also planned to be promoted from a formal industry alliance to a formal group in late December, and will be renamed Taiwan's LED Lighting Industry Alliance. By integrating platforms, it will attack LEDs in mainland China and Europe. Lighting business opportunities.

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