Love you: Maintenance and repair of hollow hydraulic torque wrench

When we use the hollow type hydraulic torque wrench, what problems should we pay attention to not damage the wrench? Today, Shanghai Henggang Instrument & Meter Co., Ltd. will explain some of the precautions for using wrenches.

When using a hollow hydraulic torque wrench, there are several points to note:

1. It is forbidden to touch and hammer the hydraulic wrench during handling and use to prevent damage.

2. The working fluid is hydraulic oil. It is forbidden to use alcohol, water and other media as the working fluid, and the working fluid should be kept clean and pure.

3, hydraulic torque wrenches should be kept clean at all times, especially in the oil inlet and outlet can not have sludge dirt.

4. When the hydraulic wrench is stored for a long time, the industrial petrolatum should be properly coated for rust prevention treatment, and it should be stored in a dry and suitable temperature room.

The wrench will be used longer after you notice these points during use. Thank you for reading!

This article is provided by Shanghai Henggang Instruments Co., Ltd. For more technical questions, please contact customer service, we will do our best to serve you!

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