·The pilot of methanol vehicle in Shaanxi Province started in Baoji

On August 22, 15 vehicles powered by methanol fuel began to operate in Baoji, marking the fact that Shaanxi Province has taken substantial steps since it was identified as a methanol vehicle pilot by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and has made Shaanxi Province a national after Shanxi Province. The second province to officially launch a methanol vehicle pilot.
The pilot of the methanol vehicle started in Baoji City adopted 10 methanol minibuses and 5 methanol minivans developed and produced by Shaanxi Tongjia Company. After the pilots of Xi'an, Xianyang, Yulin and Hanzhong were started, 10 methanol trucks developed by Shaanxi Automobile Group and 90 methanol cars developed by Geely will be put into trial for pilot projects; high proportion of methanol fuel will be provided by Shaanxi Extended Neutral Company and Shaanxi Baojiang Petrochemical Company. The overall goal of the methanol vehicle pilot project in Shaanxi Province is to complete various data collection through 2-3 years of pilot operation, and complete a comprehensive evaluation of the applicability, reliability, economy and safety of high-methanol vehicles, for Shaanxi Province and even Accumulated experience in the development of methanol industrialization in the country.

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