Data center power-saving way

Recently there is news that Huawei, Alibaba and other companies have more than 10 IDC (Internet Data Center) business license. With the further opening of IDC licenses, more and more IT enterprises will join the tide of new technology deployment like "cloud computing" and "big data". According to statistics, from 2005 to 2012, China's IDC market has grown six-fold, with an average annual growth rate of over 30%. In 2012, the scale of China's IDC business reached 13.72 billion yuan, an increase of 20% over the same period of last year. The value-added business of IDC reached 7.33 billion yuan, an increase of 29.7% over the same period of last year.

But as we all know, the data center is the real "electric tiger", according to a report by Greenpeace. By 2020, the data processing and telecom networks of the world's major IT operators will consume 1.9630 trillion kWh Power resources, more than the current total energy consumption of Germany, France, Canada and Brazil four countries. Zhang Guobao, former director of the National Energy Administration, disclosed at the 2012 Sino-US Clean Energy Forum that the data center of China Unicom consumes 9.9 billion kilowatt-hours a year. According to the current standard coal efficiency in China, it needs to consume 920,000 tons of standard coal annually Provide it with enough electricity. Another major operator, China Telecom's data center, consumes 11.2 billion kilowatt hours of electricity a year, consuming 1.0295 million tons of standard coal annually.

Active Power (NASDAQ: ACPW) said in its Q2 results that energy efficiency has become an important consideration for customers choosing UPS power. Especially for high-power data centers, saving electricity means increasing revenue.

Therefore, it is imperative and urgent to optimize the data center infrastructure to achieve true green energy savings in the data center, to further reduce energy consumption and improve data center operational efficiency.

In order to promote energy conservation and emission reduction in the data center, MIIT's 12th Five-Year Plan for Industrial Energy Saving clearly pointed out that the data center PUE value (abbreviation for Power Usage Effectiveness, which is an index for evaluating data center energy efficiency) %; National Development and Reform Commission and other organizations, "cloud computing demonstration project" also requires that the demonstration project of the data center PUE to achieve the following 1.5; February 1, 2013 the first domestic data center for energy management mandatory compulsory standards - " Data center computer room energy consumption limit "was formally introduced.

The cost of electricity neglected by people has aroused more and more manufacturers' attention. Compared with the traditional UPS power supply, the advantages of flywheel UPS energy saving is very obvious. First of all, its power supply efficiency up to 98% higher than the traditional power supply 5% -6%. Data show that for example, a 10MW data center power supply efficiency increased by 1% per year to save electricity more than 700,000 yuan; using Active Fly a flywheel UPS saved enough electricity for 101 families a year. Second, Flywheel UPS environment adaptability, can be 0 degrees -40 degrees Celsius between the normal operation. Air conditioners, which used to cool the battery, were not needed, and the power consumption of IT-related equipment was drastically reduced. It can be said that energy saving is the main reason that many manufacturers shift the selection of the power system to flywheel UPS.

In addition, the "green" development of a data center involves a number of factors, including a full range of issues such as site selection, design, building materials, cooling, power supply, IT equipment, and application systems. For the data center, the data center is mainly composed of IT equipment, cooling system, power supply and distribution system, lighting and other related equipment, which are the main energy consumption elements of the data center. Therefore, only the green concept runs through the construction and management of the entire data center to play the maximum efficiency of the data center, the only way to maximize the interests of enterprises.

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