Electric heating constant temperature incubator operation steps detailed

Electric heating constant temperature incubator operation steps detailed

1. Turn on the current and the indicator light is on. Use a test pencil or a universal meter to test the box to see if it leaks. Turn on the lights, blower and constant overflow switch, but do not turn on the humidification switch.

2. Rotate the temperature-regulating magnet on the head of the conductive meter clockwise to the temperature required for the gradual rise of the temperature inside the box. The conductivity meter only controls the instrument, so the J-degree ruler is for reference. The accurate temperature indication is a dry and wet thermometer.

3. When the heating is started, the power conversion Jl= is rotated to the index, and the temperature in the box rises to the test temperature, and then the rotation index is favorable to increase the constant temperature and sensitivity.

4. Turn on the humidification switch. The temperature inside the box must be close to the required temperature. Check whether the water level indicates the normal water level of the glass tube. Then turn the steam control valve pointer to the required humidity. Generally, the relative temperature is above 95 intestines. Point the pointer to the high-humidity scale _L. In the low-humidity test, note the end of the low-humidity direction and close the steam valve.

5. Put a water bottle at the bottom of the box. Due to the high humidity test, water flows out of the discharge pipe. If you do a low humidity test, you should lead the deflation tube to the water bottle. However, the end of the deflation tube cannot be immersed in water to prevent the tube from being occluded.

6. The adjustment of the degree of skill and the control of relative humidity (abstract), the ordinate of the comparison table is the temperature of thousands of balls, the horizontal axis of 1-22 is the degree of temperature difference between the dry ball and the wet ball, and the horizontal and vertical coordinates are relative. Humidity value. The dry bulb indicates a temperature of 45°C. The relative humidity of 95 intestines was found from the transverse direction, and then from the longitudinal wells of dry and wet bulbs was 1 °C. 45-44°C is the wet bulb indication.

7. Turn on the humidification switch, and then rotate the humidity adjustment magnet to adjust the conductivity meter to the wet bulb need value, and it should be gradually increased (adjust the conductivity meter between the indicator light and off).

8. When the temperature and humidity are stable, the screws on the adjusting magnet should be tightened to prevent the change of temperature and humidity from affecting the stable value of temperature and humidity. After use, pull the knife switch and cut off the total current.

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