How New Energy Vehicles Touch Consumers' Pain Points

Not long ago, BYD Qin, who used dual-engine dual-mode technology, went public in Beijing. The flagship model was priced at 209,800 yuan and the distinguished model was priced at 189,800 yuan. As a plug-in hybrid model, its price is quite approachable.

Regarding the status of new energy vehicles, the industry is mostly attributed to such factors as low battery density, short cruising range, lack of safety, and inconvenient charging. But at the same level of technology, Tesla has been outshining this year in the new energy vehicle market. In the first three quarters of this year, Tesla's total sales were close to 16,000, and other brands of new energy vehicles couldn't even keep up. Regal celebrities and celebrities are competing to become Tesla's customers. Their battle is no less than fruit powder's obsession with Apple's mobile phone. Tesla's battery performance, technical reserves, safety performance, mileage, industrial chain layout and other than BYD is not strong, and some links are not as good as BYD, why can quickly gather so much popularity?

From the perspective of consumer psychology, advanced technology is also boring, and non-professional consumers are difficult to understand and perceive. However, whether the appearance is bright, whether the operation is convenient and comfortable, and whether the experience is different, consumers can directly feel and make judgments. Any leading technology can only win the market by becoming simple and practical and easy to operate. Because of this, experiential marketing has become increasingly popular in all walks of life.

However, most of the new energy vehicles on sale do not provide a good experience. They basically follow the design ideas of traditional fuel vehicles, design on the fuel vehicle platform, or replace a new energy power system directly on the fuel vehicle. Compared with the fuel vehicle, the biggest difference is that the fuel consumption is lower, the engine noise is less, and the driving experience is still the style of the fuel vehicle, which shows nowhere in the new energy vehicle. What's more, due to the fact that the batteries are too heavy, safe and off-grid, and charging is inconvenient, the driving experience of new energy vehicles is not as good as that of traditional fuel vehicles. How can consumers buy them?

Tesla's brilliance is precisely because of this shortcoming. First of all, it has a new energy power system and is standing on the same starting line with other new energy players. Second, it has the shape of a sports car, conveys a sense of different tastes and grades, and it also brings about to most consumers. A different experience; again, it eliminates the traditional center console and uses a touch screen similar to a mobile phone to control the car, further highlighting the difference from a fuel vehicle. The brand-new experience created by the superposition of three new elements far exceeds the new energy vehicles that have been transformed from low-grade fuel vehicles. It is also reasonable that the rich and famous celebrities are rushing to the surface.

In contrast, other new energy vehicles only have a new element of the new energy power system, not to mention that some new energy technologies still have bottlenecks to break through. Such a "bad" new energy vehicle is far from enough to touch consumers' "pain points." It is not surprising that the market is hesitant to wait and see.

Since it is a new technology, it should not be submerged in the old model. The story of Apple's victory over Nokia also revealed this truth. Apple's touchscreen design has overturned the use of traditional mobile phones, bringing with it a new experience that is different from that of button phones, but also conforms to the needs of consumers and the trend of the times. Of course, there is no IOS operating system behind the touch screen, Apple will not be swept the world, but relying on boring IOS technology can not attract consumers.

Rebuilding new energy vehicles should also, like Apple, break through the design concepts and manufacturing thinking of traditional fuel vehicles and create a new driving experience. In the future, the best-selling new energy vehicles should have both a new energy power system and a different driving experience that allows consumers to directly perceive. For example, we can try to think: whether the new energy vehicles must be made into the shape of the current car, whether it needs to control the speed of the pedal, whether it needs an existing center console or dashboard, and whether the driver's seat must be installed on one side?

Judging from the current situation, most new energy vehicles have only taken the first step. They have provided new power technologies, but they have not provided a brand-new driving experience; Tesla has taken a step and a half in the power system and driving experience. There have been innovations, but the innovation is still not complete, and there is still a distance from the peak of new energy vehicles. To make new energy vehicles popular, focusing on technology is a must, but focusing on technology alone is not enough.

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