Tyler eddy current retarder is safe and reliable for truck users

With the increasing strictness of national vehicle safety regulations and the general improvement of user safety awareness, the safety brake of heavy trucks has attracted much attention. The installation of Tyremar eddy current retarder not only ensures the safety of vehicle operations, but also brings high operational income to users.
Tahoe Heavy Truck HOWO truck equipped with taylor eddy current retarder Tahoe Heavy Truck HOWO truck equipped with taylor eddy current retarder

A transport company in the northeastern region attaches great importance to the safety of operating vehicles. After installation of Tyremar eddy current retarder on C&W HOWO , the watering device does not need to be installed, and the braking effect is improved, not only improving the safety of operating vehicles but also reducing The operating costs, improved operational efficiency, and received the company's leadership and drivers alike.

The 349D2/D2 L offers outstanding performance, excellent control, high stick and bucket forces, impressive lift capacity, simplified service and a comfortable operator station to increase your productivity and lower operating costs.

cat 349D2/D2L  hydraulic excavator


 â€¢ Power ful, ef ficient engine delivers superior durabilit y and provides best in class per formance.

ʉۢ Highly ef ficient pump and main control valve deliver superior hydraulic power.

 â€¢ Fuel conscious customers can run the machine in economy mode and achieve notable reduction in fuel consumption with no loss in digging or lif ting forces.

ʉۢ Machine rever ts back to ECO mode upon machine star t up to lower owning and operating costs.

ʉۢ Robust t wo-stage fuel filtration system improves reliabilit y.

Cat 349D2 L Hydraulic Excavator

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