Why does the high-speed engine suddenly turn off intermittently?

The working aerial vehicles suddenly stopped inexplicably, and after a while, they could start normal operations again, but then they turned off again. Why is such an intermittent flameout in the end? The intermittent flameout of the engine of the aerial vehicle can be summarized as the following reasons:

1. It is necessary to carefully check whether the spark plugs of the high-altitude truck and the operation of the engine and the fuel pump, the air nozzle of each cylinder, and the fuel pump circuit are all normal. In addition, the interval between the intake air and the exhaust valve must be checked. Whether the pressure value of the cylinder, the presence of air intake manifold leaks, the operation of the fuel vapor control solenoid valve, the operation of the EGR valve cylinder, etc., are all within the range of production. Whether the relevant line connector of the electric control fuel injection system of the aerial vehicle has loosened or the like.

2. In order to check the hydraulic pressure value of the entire vehicle under the aerial working platform, the system pressure value cannot exceed 16 Mpa.

3. The idle speed of the engine of the aerial vehicle is not stable, or the idling speed is too low. It is necessary to adjust the screws of the engine idle speed blackly, or to adjust the idle speed through the throttle cable.

4. When the aerial working platform is under work, if the engine building fails to start normally, it cannot be started. Because the legs of the vehicle are all supported on the ground, there is no way to move and the service station can be immediately looked for. Personnel go to the job site to carry out repairs. If not, they can only use the starter as an emergency pump. If the driver does not step on the clutch, the driver will be forced to take the vehicle back to the vehicle. Use a trailer to pull the aerial vehicle to the repair station for maintenance.

Cooling capacity: 14kW-100kW

1. Self-contained packaged design: Easy installation with just connectiong condensate drainage and electrical power supply, equipped with connecting plug.

2. Plenumb chamber: 3 meter height wwith better air circulation and strong air flow.

3. Long distane air supply: High external static pressure (max350Pa) with 30 meter air throws.

4. Special unit structure design: The wall can be installed in between of evaporator and condenser with the gap of 100-150mm.

5. Digital controller: LED display, timer display, fan speed display, temperature display, error code display, mode display.

6. Easy maintenance: Air filter is easily dismantled and cleaned.

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