Understand the eight energy-saving technologies

Energy-saving technologies and energy-saving technologies are direct energy-saving methods. Energy-saving technologies and processes can adopt the following methods: to increase the efficiency of energy transfer and conversion equipment, to reduce the number of conversions and transmission distances; to use energy sources reasonably and to prevent as much as possible High-quality energy is downgraded and used. According to the principle of system engineering, the energy, water energy, heat energy, waste heat and residual pressure of the entire enterprise or regional energy system are comprehensively utilized, maximizing energy utilization.

The common energy-saving technologies of organic combination of energy saving and environmental protection are as follows:

1, high efficiency and low pollution combustion technology

According to the characteristics of different fuels such as gas, oil and coal, various kinds of measures are adopted to improve the fuel efficiency.

2, enhanced heat transfer technology

Heat transfer process sub-heat, convection and radiation heat transfer three basic ways to reduce the heat transfer process to consume power and enhance thermal conductivity is an effective energy-saving technology.

3, waste heat recovery technology

A kind of waste heat of high temperature flue gas, combustible waste gas, waste liquid, waste heat, waste heat of high temperature products, residual heat of chemical reaction, waste heat of cooling medium, exhaust gas, waste water and other six types of waste heat. Through direct utilization, power generation and comprehensive utilization, advanced technology.

4, thermal insulation technology

Thermal energy conversion, transportation and use of equipment, pipe network insulation, to reduce heat loss, fuel savings and meet user requirements of the technology.

5, heat pump technology

A heat pump is a capacity utilization device that transfers heat from a cryogenic object to a hot object to extract heat from the environment for heating. This consumes a small amount of mechanical energy but provides greater heat supply technology and heat pump technology.

6, heat pipe technology

Refers to the use of new heat transfer components to achieve enhanced heat transfer and energy saving technology.

7, air cooling technology

For cooling, energy consumption is increased, precious fresh water consumption is increased, environmental pollution caused by water cooling and operating costs soaring and other traditional cooling technology, and the use of direct and indirect air cooling technology.

8, solvent recovery technology

Is to evaporate the organic solvent air mixture volatilized into the air, and then the solvent gas is trapped by the operation of certain devices (such as absorption method, freeze-condensation method, solid adsorption method and the like), and the exhaust gas meeting the emission standards Discharge into the atmosphere. The trapped solvent gas after fractionation, purification and other preparation methods, can then be applied to the production. Therefore, solvent recovery technology is not only conducive to environmental protection and cost savings of a practical technology.

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