Beneficiation technology of Yuchang gold deposit in Huayuanling, Zhejiang

Suichang gold ore processing plant beneficiation process using two closed-circuit crushing, stage grinding stage flotation, concentration, filtration two dehydration processes.

Crushed ore: The ore is transported by motor vehicle and discharged into a silo with a capacity of 70m3. After being crushed into a 400*600 jaw crusher by an electromagnetic vibrating feeder, the ore discharge and fine crushing are combined. The belt conveyor was sent to a 1200*3000 vibrating screen for screening, and the product was sent to the 1200 medium cone crusher for fine crushing; the sieved product was sent to two powder mines with a volume of 160 m3. The final product size of the crushed ore is 15~0mm. An automatic iron removal device and a metering device are respectively arranged on the belt conveyor.

Grinding flotation: divided into two series, each series consists of a 1500*3000mm lattice ball mill and a 1200mm single spiral classifier to form a closed-circuit grinding. The grinding concentration is 79%-82%, and the classifier overflow concentration is 34%. ~36%, fineness 59%~62%-200 mesh, one-stage flotation uses one rough selection, two selections, one sweep selection, sharing 12 slots of 5A flotation machine. The second-stage grinding uses a 1500*3000mm ball mill and two 250mm cyclones to form a closed circuit. The cyclone overflow concentration is 25% to 28%, and the fineness is 90%-200 mesh. The second stage flotation adopts one rough selection, three selections, and two sweeps, sharing 16 slots of the 5A flotation machine.

Dehydration: Concentration and filtration are used to dehydrate two sections. The first and second stage flotation concentrates are concentrated by a 9 m thickener and filtered by a 10 m 2 vacuum filter to form a finished concentrate. The vacuum system of the concentrate containing 12% to 14% of the filter is equipped with 2 sets of water ring vacuum pumps and one air compressor.

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