Benefits of renting plant protection drones

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] Plant protection drones have developed rapidly in recent years, benefiting from the promotion of agricultural machinery and the development of modern agriculture. However, the purchase price of plant protection drones is 4,000 to 50,000. This is a big expense for the farmers. Many farmers are discouraged, so the plant protection drone companies began to try to lease services. In the present, leased drones. There are many benefits.
Benefits of renting plant protection drones
In fact, in the early days of the industry, most of the drone manufacturers only sold and did not rent. In the past two years, more and more manufacturers have introduced drone rental services, so plant protection practitioners and farmers have begun to choose, which is also due to the development of market and business models.
The benefits of buying, needless to say, individuals have the right to own and dispose of the product, which is why many people almost instinctively believe that they can afford to buy.
Here I mainly want to analyze the benefits of leasing from a realistic perspective.
1. Reduce industry threshold and trial and error costs
Buying a plant protection unmanned motor vehicle requires four or five thousand. For many farmers and plant protection practitioners, the short-term financial pressure will be great. Especially those who have just entered the line may just want to try the water first, so they have to pay so much money. You can rent a plane to rent a plane, giving more people the opportunity to easily enter the industry. If you rent a plane, if you feel that the product performance is not good after the trial, or if this line is not suitable for you, you can “repent” to rent back, and the cost of trial and error is greatly reduced.
2. Reduce loss risk and maintenance cost
The use of drones for large-scale plant protection operations has only arisen in recent years. The plant protection machines of major manufacturers have not accumulated enough work experience and the product maturity is not high enough.
In addition, the plant protection drone has certain requirements for the working environment and the operator's technology. Various problems in the actual operation are endless, and the bomber accidents are frequent. In the event of a problem, the cost of returning to the factory is high.
This is the risk that you have to choose to buy. When renting a drone, the manufacturer will share the loss of the aircraft and the user with the user because the manufacturer retains the ownership of the product.
3, can enjoy better service and protection
Agricultural plant protection is a low-frequency, high-density industry. When the pests and diseases break out, the operating window is very short, 5-7 days and more than half a month. Once the drone has a problem, returning to the factory for repair and maintenance at least ten days and a half months, the busy period is very wrong. Therefore, for agricultural plant protection drones, not only the quality of the products is critical, but also the after-sales service awareness and service level of the manufacturers, and the efficiency of problem handling.
Leasing is not a one-time transaction, and plant protection machine manufacturers that provide leasing business tend to pay more attention to service quality. In China, the first to launch the drone rental business is the ultra-flying, extremely flying service quality and security policy is currently well-established in the industry.
In 2016, Feifei launched the “Fly Flying Guarantee” program to provide users with maintenance services such as maintenance support site, special car support, expert technical support, one-year free liability insurance and hardware value-added security service “Worry-free plan”. During the busy period, the flying support vehicle will patrol in the area where it is responsible. Upon receiving the call from the user, the support vehicle will drive directly to the field and complete the equipment maintenance and parts replacement.
If it is a purchase, I am afraid it is difficult to get such a service. Some people say that when you buy a drone, you are just an ordinary consumer; while renting a drone, you are equivalent to a VIP customer.
4. Reduce the indirect loss caused by product update iterations
Now that plant protection drone technology is constantly upgrading, product updates are frequent. After the new products are introduced by the manufacturers, the old models are often sold at a large price. The person who bought it looked painful.
The advantage of leasing is that the old aircraft that are eliminated or outdated can stop renewing directly, and directly rent new technology and advanced products.
All of the above are the real benefits of the rental model. Of course, renting or buying depends on personal choice. If you look at the plant protection industry, you have experienced the products of various businesses, and after comparing them to a certain one, and at the same time, the funds on hand are sufficient, then buying is not impossible. Otherwise, it is recommended to rent.
With the development of the agricultural plant protection drone industry and the continuous improvement of the leasing model, leasing is likely to become the mainstream of the industry.

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