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In modern life, video surveillance is increasingly becoming an indispensable existence. Video surveillance is like a silent guardian who protects our personal and property safety. In video surveillance systems, wireless video surveillance systems play a pivotal role due to various environmental requirements. Is the whole set of wireless video surveillance systems complicated? The following analysis will be conducted by Xiao Bian from each link, allowing you to turn into a wireless surveillance expert in one second.
First, the monitor image clarity
This mainly depends on the individual's requirements for the image. Some of them require high definition and require high definition. Some of them can only meet standard definition. So this still has to listen to the decision of the customer or the owner, we just need to show the camera's image effect as it is.
Second, audio and video requirements for wireless monitoring projects
If you need to use millions of high-definition network cameras with audio capabilities, then you must consider connecting headphones or speakers, microphones and other devices.
Third, the wireless monitoring system transmission environment
Wireless bridges for transmission functions in wireless monitoring systems, wireless bridges have relatively high requirements for the environment. The requirements are in an open and unobstructed environment. If there is an obstruction, it is considered to be carried out through the 2-end rack height mode or the relay mode.
Fourth, the choice of front-end switches
In wireless monitoring projects, the choice of switches is very important. Many monitoring problems in engineering monitoring occur. Many switches and switches are disconnected. The number of single-end IPCs connected to the front-end switch does not exceed four, and 8-port 100-Mbit/s switches can be used. If more than four, please use 8-port Gigabit switches. The front-end switch should use the network cable or optical fiber transmission between the main machine replacement room. Too many loads of IPCs are prone to packet loss, dropped frames, delays, and stalls. Note: The switch used to set up a wireless monitoring system must use a dedicated switch for monitoring. It cannot use ordinary switches that transmit network signals to transmit.
Fifth, the IP address must make a record
In many projects, there are problems, often need to ask the IP address, and many wireless bridges are installed in a relatively high place, difficult to remove. Or use it for too long and the device label is blurred. Before the construction, the IP addresses of all network domes, network cameras, wireless bridges, NVRs, computer masters, storage servers, streaming media servers, high-definition decoders, and management servers in the system must be uniformly modified and registered. Pay attention to avoid IP address conflicts with existing devices (such as computers and network printers) on the local network.
Six, to avoid IP address conflicts
The IP addresses of all devices that access the wireless network must not conflict. For example, IP addresses of all network devices such as network cameras, wireless bridges, NVRs, and computers must not conflict, but they must be in the same LAN.
Seven, the choice of network cable
Some people think that wireless monitoring, the network cable can use ordinary. However, network cable is also an item that cannot be ignored. An ordinary network cable cannot be carried. It is generally required to use Super Category 5 or Category 6 network cables for connection.
VIII. The length of the network cable should not be too long.
In the wireless monitoring system, the choice of network cable is very important. In the high-definition wireless monitoring system, we try to choose six or more types of network cable to build a wireless monitoring system. There is a certain relationship between the quality of the network cable and the distance of the transmission signal. The length of the network cable from the POE to the wireless bridge cannot exceed 30 meters. If the cable length is too long, the signal attenuation is too large. The length of the network cable from the network camera to the wireless bridge is generally within 90 meters, and the length of the network cable between the wireless bridge from the receiving end to the switch is also within 90 meters. If it is necessary to transmit a farther distance, it is recommended to use optical fiber for transmission.
Nine, room switch
The main switchboard of the equipment room must be a full-gigabit switchboard of the big brand, and must not be fully loaded. For example, if a 24-port full-gigabit switch is actually used, it should not be used in excess of 20 ports because the network HD video surveillance data volume is relatively large and it is not. Stopped transmission of data, the processing requirements of the switch is relatively high, if there is a phenomenon that delays and stalls occur when a switch has a lot of points, you can try to solve it by adding a switch.
The above is a general description of the overall wireless monitoring system. If there is anything else that you do not understand, please feel free to call our customer service staff.

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