Shandong University of Technology CNC stone processing equipment passed the appraisal

Business Opportunity Project Name Project Overview Project Address Investment (100 million yuan) Implementation Stage Design Unit Construction Unit Beijing Urban Construction Building Public Building Haidian District Initially set up, Beijing Urban Construction Design and Research Institute Beijing Urban Construction Engineering Development Company Gongzhufen Comprehensive Commercial Daxia Public Construction Haidian District, Beijing City Construction Design and Research Institute, Zhongfang Beijing Gongzhufen Project Company, Opera School Complex, Revised Design, Public Construction, Fengtai District, Beijing Urban Construction Design and Research Institute, Beijing Urban Development Group Co., Ltd., District Development Company, Guangzhou Metro Line 2 Construction of Bazhou Station Design Metro Line 2 Starting Point, Single-storey Underground Station Guangzhou Preliminary Design Beijing Urban Construction Design and Research Institute Guangzhou Metro Corporation Guangguang Telecom Research and Production Base Plant, Residential Miyun District Construction Beijing City Construction Research Institute Beijing Guangguang Telecom High-Tech Development Co., Ltd. Tiancun North Community High-rise Residential Building Shijingshan Construction Beijing Municipal Construction Research Institute Beijing Urban Construction Engineering Development Company Right Foreign Commercial Residential Area High-rise Commercial and Residential Fengtai District Plan, Construction of Beijing City Construction Discussion Beijing Municipal Construction Engineering Development Company Note: This watch is only part of the Beijing project. The selection of the project takes into account the possibility of using stone in the project.

Shanle industrial hole wears several ssnin equipment lumps 定 s determined by Shandong University of Technology research and development, Boxing Huaxing Machinery Group Co., Ltd. "CNC stone products multi-functional processing equipment recently passed the expert appraisal organized by the Provincial Science and Technology Commission.

The column seat and the giant inner and outer curved curtain wall were developed with the requirements of special-shaped stone processing. The device can realize the contour diameter The machine is controlled by computer numerical control system. The control system is based on industrial computer. The system can automatically program and manually program graphics. The programming method is simple. The equipment can be monitored in real time, and the processing can be visually observed and automatic processing can be realized. Single-axis feed and manual adjustment, convenient and practical; the machine provides menu-type human-computer interaction interface, which can be operated directly by menu selection, with clear hierarchy; simple system circuit, convenient control and multiple anti-interference Measures, with high reliability and accuracy stability; the system has overload protection, processing out of tolerance, limit automatic stop protection and other functions.

The machine economy Nanyangming Stone Factory, Sichuan Marble General Factory, Jianya (Fuzhou) Stone Co., Ltd. and other units production practice inspection, equipment processing technology is reasonable, processing quality is stable, CNC system and mechanical performance is reliable, processing efficiency is high, more than any Similar to imported or domestic equipment, Jinan Yangming Stone Factory applied the equipment to complete the decoration requirements of the five-star Qilu Hotel Phase II project (10 At present, the equipment has been mass-produced and has been sold to Fujian, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia and Shandong.

The experts who participated in the appraisal agreed that the performance of the machine meets the relevant standards, which is the first in China. The performance price ratio is obviously better than that of similar foreign equipment. The comprehensive technology is at the domestic leading level and has a good prospect of promotion and development.

(Report by Li Yunwei)


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