Working principle of vacuum pump

To work the vacuum pump of the fecal suction truck, we must first understand its working principle. The more important thing in the working principle is the consideration of the source of power and stability. The power of the vacuum pump comes from the chassis engine. The engine is transmitted to the vacuum pump through the gearbox, power take-off and transmission shaft. During the suction operation, the vacuum pump draws the air in the sealed tank to form a negative pressure, and the atmospheric pressure outside the tank is used to press the dirt into the tank through the suction pipe. During the sewage discharge, the vacuum pump puts the atmospheric pressure outside the tank into the tank, and uses the air pressure to discharge the dirt out of the tank (the continuous working time of the vacuum pump generally does not exceed 30 minutes).

The flow sequence of the air flow in the air path is as follows: during suction, the vacuum pump sucks the air with a certain humidity in the tank into the water-gas separator, where the water is separated and flows back into the tank, and the gas enters the vacuum pump through the four-way valve along the pipeline Air inlet. Mixed with lubricating oil in the pump and discharged from the exhaust port through the compression chamber, especially the mixture is preliminarily separated by the strainer, and the separated oil flows back to the oil pump. The mixed gas is further separated by an oil and gas separator, and then enters a four-way valve to be discharged into the atmosphere. Manual operation of the four-way valve can change the direction of airflow, and the suction and discharge are free.

When the vacuum pump of the fecal suction truck is completed every time, it is necessary to formulate the corresponding inspection work of the fecal suction truck according to the different work intensity to ensure the working life of the fecal suction truck and the second working efficiency.


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