Application of Soil Temperature Tester in the Determination of Soil Environment in Greenhouse

In addition to watering and fertilization, it is also very important to understand the changes in soil temperature. Soil temperature directly affects soil microbial activity, plant seed germination, soil moisture evaporation, frozen soil range changes, and soil carbon cycle. It has a significant impact on crop growth. Therefore, the measurement of soil temperature is carried out for research on agricultural scientific research and the development of precision agriculture. Are of great significance. At present, with the rapid development of facility agriculture, in modern facility agriculture production, the measurement of soil temperature needs to be higher and higher. In order to meet the actual needs and facilitate the detection of this indicator, Top Yunun has developed a special one for soil Temperature measuring instrument- soil temperature tester .

Soil temperature tester

Due to the thermal insulation effect of the greenhouse, the temperature of the soil in the greenhouse is also different from the open ground. The measurement and research in a certain place using the instrument found that generally in late December, when the average ground temperature of 0 ~ 20 cm outdoors drops to -2.7 ℃ The average ground temperature in the greenhouse is 10.8 ℃, which is 13.5 ℃ higher than the outside world. In late January, the outside ground temperature was still below 0 ° C, while the ground temperatures of 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 cm in the middle of the greenhouse were 14.3 ° C, 12.2 ° C, 12.2 ° C, 12.8 ° C, and 13 ° C, respectively. Because soil temperature affects nutrient conversion and absorption, affects soil fertility, affects seed germination, affects root growth of crops, and affects growth and development of crops, it is necessary to collect soil temperature as a basis for production in all stages of crop growth.

In facility agricultural production management, with the help of soil temperature testers and other scientific instruments, not only can you quickly understand the current soil temperature, but also help to further explore the impact of soil temperature changes on the growth of different crops, and determine the appropriate temperature of each crop at different stages Range etc. In actual management work, these research results will become an important reference basis to promote the refinement of greenhouse management, improve quality and yield, and reduce planting costs.

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