New type of closed cooling heat transfer equipment put on the market

The new closed cooling tower developed by Luoyang Longhua Group Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. has now been put into the market.

This new type of closed cooling tower has four advantages compared with traditional cooling equipment: First, the cooling medium (such as water, oil, etc.) heat exchange in a closed state, while cooling, to ensure the cleanliness of the cooling medium The second is the use of low-power, high-flow, low-lift circulating pumps, not only work efficiency, but also significant energy-saving effect; Third, there is a water trap above the sprinkler system, minimizing the loss of water, especially in the drought Water-scarce areas have shown their advantages in water conservation; the fourth is the integration of heat exchange equipment, water tanks, and water towers, which has reduced investment costs while reducing the area. This new type of closed cooling tower can be widely used in cooling, heat transfer and production systems in the fields of chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, electric power, and metallurgy.