How to use LINA Two Roll Open Mill to regenerate wasted rubber?

How to use LINA Two Roll Open Mill to regenerate wasted rubber?

There are two main methods for the recycling of wasted rubber. The first is to crush or grind wasted tires into fine particles by mechanical means, so-called rubber pellets and powders. The second way is called depressurization technique, by which the chemical network structure of reclaimed rubber is destroyed and the so-called regenerated rubber is made.

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The following is the description of the first method:


1. Separate waste rubber into tires, inner tubes, rubber shoes and other rubber products into four categories, separating natural rubber from synthetic rubber.

2. Select rejuvenating agent.

a. Reclaimed rubber should use liquid regenerant.

b. Natural rubber used turpentine as rejuvenator.

c. Synthetic rubber used coal tar.

d. Reclaimed rubber for light-colored products uses oxidized turpentine.

e. Tungsten oil with high physical and mechanical requirements that does not require color.


1. Crush: The washed waste rubber is sifted and sifted with a small steel mill. The fineness of the tire rubber powder is required to reach 26 to 28, and the fineness of rubber shoes and miscellaneous powders is required to reach 24 to 28.

2. Mixing oil (reclaimed rubber): Put the rubber powder into the oil concentrator so that the temperature reaches 70-80°C and mix well with the oil. The amount of oil is 8%-15% of the rubber powder.

3. Desulfurization: The refilled rubber powder is contained in an iron plate and then placed in a horizontal heater to heat it. At 150 to 180° C. for about 10 hours, the waste rubber molecules can be split and converted into regenerated rubber bricks.

4. Pressure: The desulfurized remanufactured film is refined on an open mill, and the roll temperature is controlled between 80 and 90°C until it meets the standard. After the next sheet, the film pressed into a certain thickness by the open mill is a reclaimed rubber.

The above is a specific step method for regenerating waste rubber using an open mill. If there is any question you can leave a message for us, Lina's engineers will do their best to answer your questions.