One step drying company's new mixer passed the identification

The HEY-2000 two-dimensional motion mixing machine improved and designed by Jiangsu One-Step Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. on the basis of the prototype has passed the new product and new technology appraisal of the Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Trade Commission and the scientific and technological achievements appraisal of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, reaching the domestic leading level. And was rated as high-tech products by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department.

The product has the characteristics of good mixing uniformity, high production efficiency, automatic discharge, convenient cleaning, and meets GMP requirements. The swinging part adds a barrel anti-skid device, which further improves the safety of equipment and personnel operation; the retaining wheel adopts a composite structure of steel skeleton-enveloped nylon, which improves the mechanical strength, makes the whole machine run with little vibration and low noise; the swing transmission system Four-bar single-side structure is adopted for easy assembly and disassembly and maintenance. The double-shaft four-wheel synchronous drive technology is used for rotation of the large-capacity barrel, which reduces the wear of the transmission and improves the driving performance. The company was the first in the country to realize the industrialization of a large-capacity 15,000-liter two-dimensional motion mixer.