Parts also need to build their own brands

In ancient times, the battle often said: "The troops and horses did not move, and the grain and grass first." The same applies to the battle strategy of the independent brand depot. We cannot expect a country that lacks its own brand of parts and components, and its national auto industry will have a bright future.

China’s auto market ranks in the top 4 in the world, but 80% of auto technologies are in the hands of foreign brands, especially in the core technology fields such as high-end engines. This has become a major “disease” of the national auto industry. When it comes to self-owned brands, most consumers will think of the entire vehicle. As everyone knows, if key parts and components do not have their own brands, the development of national car companies will continue to be subject to restrictions. This is because, even if it is a domestically produced joint venture component, its market supply will give priority to the interests of foreign brands and strategic relationships. Engines, gearboxes, suspension systems, brake systems, these key components can not be self-sufficient, independent brands will be "snapped" from time to time. Junjie's parts supply chain is the evidence of the break. Therefore, we cannot ignore the R&D capabilities of spare parts when we support our own brands. In other words, the extension of the self-owned brand should extend from the vehicle to the end of the component. Only in this way, the rejuvenation of self-owned brands will also have solid positions and abundant "grain supply."

In recent years, parts systems have been filled with earmarks such as Mitsubishi, Bosch, Delphi, Visteon, and other foreign “big names”. Famous brands have only a few of them, such as Fuyao Glass.

About half of the domestic self-owned engines are Mitsubishi engines that have been put into operation in China. We can't imagine that the lack of independent brands such as engines, Chery, Brilliance, Geely, and other national depots can also develop without worry. Foreign parts companies will “catch” your neck “in time” in terms of price, technology, supply, etc., making it impossible for you to use your feet.

The launch of the Brilliance 1.8T engine is a signal that the big auto country will have its own high-level parts and components industry and eventually become a powerful automobile country. The engine is like the heart of a person. Its R&D capability determines the ups and downs of a country’s auto industry. In the hearty process of the national auto industry, we call the “China Road, China Heart” instead of the “China Road,” heart".
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