U.S. Announces New Standards for EU REACH Regulations

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) recently released a new standard, ASTM F2725, as a tool for businesses to respond to the EU's "Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals" (REACH). ASTM F2725 is a guideline for the exchange of information provided by the REACH Directive. This new standard will help companies to identify data related to specific substances when selling and purchasing materials to ensure that the supply chain meets REACH specifications.

In the process of data compilation, ASTM F2725 provides systematic teaching, including the purchase and processing of all materials in the process of design, feeding, processing, transportation, etc., as well as sales to its supply chain system to meet the requirements of all levels. It also provides 3 representative examples.

The purpose of the establishment of the EU RoHS directive and the REACH directive is to comprehensively improve human health and environmental friendliness. These requirements have a global impact. Since modern industry has no borders and product supply systems are scattered all over the country, ASTM F2725 internationalization standards will help cooperation between multinational companies' supply systems and improve efficiency.

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