Guoxin Instrument Appears at Ningbo Water Meter Exhibition Show Featured Products

On November 29, 2012, the grand opening of the 2012 China International (Ningbo) Water Meter Exhibition kicked off. Ningbo Guoxin Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. as a professional water meter company in the industry has exhibited a variety of cutting-edge products. In the competition with many manufacturers on the same stage, it has won many praises.
Photo of China Instrument Network Reporter and Guoxin Instrument Supervisor
Ningbo Guoxin Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Ningbo Yinzhou Hengjie Haitong Instrument Factory) was established in 1998 and is located in the east gate of Hengbi Town, the hometown of water meters in China. After more than ten years of development, the company has gradually grown to become a professional. A professional water meter company specializing in the production of high-quality, high-precision water meters.

At this exhibition, Guosen Instruments exhibited a variety of specialty products. Direct reading remote control (valve control) water meter, RF card straight drinking water meter, liquid seal pre-paid RF card smart meter, ordinary direct drinking water meter, volumetric water meter, dry multi-meter, dry single meter, numerical control meter, etc. . Feel free to pick an exhibit product description as follows:
LXH-15E volumetric water meter


1. Adopt rotary piston structure.

2. Copper shell.

3. Use a dry counter.

4.C level table.

Guoxin Instrument introduced the structure and operation methods of various water meters to the audience and obtained the expected results. During the participation process, Guoxin Instrument also received an interview with the Chinese instrument network media and successfully promoted the company's products and corporate culture.

Since its inception, Ningbo Guoxin Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. has always pursued the principle of high quality products, thoughtful services, reasonable prices, and good faith management. As this time the company's "action" slogan: Action is the beginning of success, we are always moving forward. Guoxin Instrument and Technology will surely go a step further.

About Ningbo Water Meter Exhibition The Ningbo water meter industry is a potentially developing industry. The Ningbo Municipal People's Government has the intention of creating the Ningbo Water Meter as the “water meter capital of China” and further accelerating the development of the Ningbo water meter industry, creating a “Chinese water meter Capital - Ningbo "We need to upgrade the status of the water meter industry in Ningbo. Through the successful declaration of "China's water meter capital," we will greatly increase the brand of China's water watch industry and become a new milestone in the history of China's water meter industry.

The exhibition was organized by Zhejiang Instrument Industry Association, China International Trade Promotion Association, Hong Kong Water Professional Association, Ningbo Water Meter Industry Association, Ningbo Economic and Information Committee and other organizations. The scope of exhibitors was mainly ordinary water meters, smart water meters, Water meter management system, meter verification device and other related product accessories. The exhibition will last from November 29 to December 1 for three days.

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