Yuchai Engine's participation in the 2012 Shanghai BMW Exhibition attracts widespread attention

From November 27 to 30, 2012, the 6th China International Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery, Engineering Vehicles and Equipment Fair ( Shanghai Baoma Exhibition ) was held in Shanghai. Yuchai exhibited six supporting construction machinery at the exhibition. The boutique power has attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign industry professionals.

Yuchai exhibited six types of power: YC6T480N-T20, YC6MK375-T30, YC6M220Z-T20, YC6A260L-T30, YC6J160-T20 (rotor pump) and YC4D110L-T20 (rotor pump). These products are novel in design and advanced in technology. Exquisite workmanship. At the same time, Yuchai also exhibited the YC6T series 480-horsepower gas engine , which is a dedicated power specially designed for supporting large-scale mining vehicles; the YC6M series engine is a superior power supply supporting the 50-loader, which is powerful, energy-efficient, safe, and reliable. In the user gradually establish a good reputation; YC6J, YC4D series supporting excavator power is the pride of national excavator power, leading the industry's new development trend.

As a leading company in China's engine industry, Yuchai has increased its supporting capacity in large-scale products such as mining vehicles, loaders, and excavators, and has continuously increased its influence in the industry. After years of development, Yuchai has formed a complete spectrum of products, has 7 product platforms, 16 series models, power range covers 25 to 950 horsepower, to meet the power needs of various types of construction machinery products. Yuchai Engine has brought remarkable economic benefits to users with its powerful power output, excellent service guarantee and high fuel economy, which has been widely praised by customers.

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