Jianghuai Bus exports 20 CKD buses to Vietnam

On November 23, 2012, 20 (10 HK6761G, 10 HK6910G) CKD buses of Jianghuai passenger trains were loaded into containers and will be exported to Vietnam.

HK6761G and HK6910G are a series of new bus models developed by JAC Bus Company in recent years. The length of the series ranges from 7.3 meters to 10.5 meters. The products cover conventional energy and new energy, flat floor and low floor, engine front and rear, single door and double door, which make the series fully satisfied. Customer needs in various market segments.

This series of vehicles fully utilizes the advanced passenger car design matching technology, combined with the body lightweight technology jointly developed with Hefei University of Technology, makes the vehicle structure light weight, high strength, and strong carrying capacity; the whole vehicle adopts full stamping skin, appearance Strong style; matching JAC special bus chassis, quality is stable and reliable, cost-effective; spacious interior, comfortable ride, multi-adaptation of functional facilities configuration, welcomed by the bus passenger market.

CKD (completely knocked down) is a fully-parted form in which the automobile is exported in a fully disassembled state, and then all the parts and components are assembled into a complete vehicle product in the exporting destination country; SKD (semiknocked down) half-parts form is the total number of cars. After the state is exported, it is assembled into a complete vehicle. Due to different requirements of exporting countries and diversification of vehicle types, CKD and SKD forms are currently the main forms of export of spare parts of Jianghuai Bus Company.

It is reported that in 2013 will plan to export 80 passenger cars in Vietnam.

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