Sustained Growth Continental Group Sets 2013 Sales Target

According to media reports, the automotive industry supporting manufacturer Continental AG plans to achieve full-year 2013 sales rose 5 percent, the company in 2012 under the overall downturn in the automobile market in Europe, achieved good sales growth in 2011 compared with 7% Performance.

In announcing preliminary data for fiscal year 2012, Continental Chairman Elmar Degenhart stated that in addition to meeting the goal of a 5% year-on-year increase in sales, Continental also expects pre-tax operating margins for 2013 Stay above 10%.

Last year, Continental Group’s sales reached US$42 billion, and the adjusted EBIT margin was 10.1%. The company has not announced the financial data of its various operating departments for the full year of 2012. The detailed data will be announced on March 7 this year.

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