The new Santana will be listed on the 16th of this month

The new Santana will be listed on the 16th of this month According to relevant sources, Shanghai Volkswagen's new Santana will be officially launched on December 16, 2012. Its new model will be equipped with a 1.6-liter engine, matching the 5-speed manual and 6-speed manual transmission. According to relevant estimates, the car is expected to start selling for 90,000 yuan.

The new Santana will be the first in Asia at the Guangzhou Motor Show. The name Santana is known to young and old people in China, but the new Santana has little to do with the old Santana. The new Santana comes from a new platform, adopts new exterior and interior designs, changes body size, and is powered by new power. The new Santana just followed the classic title of Santana.

The new Santana's body length, width and height are respectively 4473/1706/1469mm, and the wheelbase is 2603mm. The old Santana has a body length of 4546mm and a wheelbase of 2548mm. The new Santana shortens the body length compared to the older models, but the wheelbase increases, which is conducive to improving the interior space.

The new Santana and the old Santana are two models of different eras. The design of the Santana is based on several generations. The new Santana adopts the latest family style of the Volkswagen, and the Chinese net adopts the “three bars” of the chrome design. The headlights are similar to the Lanyi and Passat. As the low-end model of Shanghai Volkswagen, the headlights do not use lenses.

The interior adopts Volkswagen's latest styles, such as the steering wheel, instrument panel and center console, which have appeared on other models. The center console uses two colors: lighter, darker and lighter, with a wood grain decoration in the middle. The layout of the function keys on the center console is centralized and concise. The SD card slot, AUX, and USB ports can be seen below the center console. The new Santana high-end models include front fog lamps, electric sunroof, and chrome-plated side windows, as well as airbags, air curtains, dual-zone air conditioning, multi-function steering wheels and ESP body stabilization systems.

Power, the new Santana is expected to carry two kinds of 1.6L engine, the maximum power of 81 kilowatts, matching 5-speed manual and 6-speed tiptronic transmission, this set of power system fuel economy and maintenance costs are relatively low.

From the current consumer response point of view, the new Santana's attention is very high, if this model can have a reasonable price should have a good market performance, according to the positioning of the new Santana, it is expected that 90,000 yuan From the sale.

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