What are the functions of the command car?

The command vehicle is a special tool vehicle integrating various functions such as modern command system, on-board video, monitoring, GPS position tracking, and multi-party communication. The command car is basically equal to a small command post. It can move freely, free from the limitations of time and space, and is very flexible and convenient. It is particularly suitable for combat exercises, disaster relief, urban management and multi-sector joint enforcement. So, what are the specific functions of the general command car?


First of all, the command vehicle has the function of information collection and processing. Through the means of electronic monitoring, satellite positioning, etc., the situation in the mission area is transmitted in the form of screen, video, sound, etc. through the line to the vehicle command system on the large screen of the car video. Broadcast it out. In this way, the commander can clearly understand the real-time situation on the scene without going to the scene personally.

Second, the command vehicle has a multi-party cooperative communication function. In the command vehicle, generally equipped with multi-party communication equipment, the commanding personnel can contact with the task executives scattered at various places at any time, listen to the reports of the executives at any time, and deliver the latest tasks at the first time.

Third, the command vehicle has the function of real-time interaction. Through technical means, the commanders can check the position and status of the relevant personnel at any time, as well as the processing they have performed, and master their whereabouts. This not only guarantees the unity of the operations, but also ensures the safety of front-line executives.

Fourth, the command vehicle can store all the information in the server, and at any time call for pictures and information in the course of commanding operations, emergency rescue or disaster relief, or joint law enforcement, for later review and search for relevant evidence.

The above is an introduction to the command vehicle function. In fact, different types of command vehicles have different functions, but most command vehicles have the basic functions of information exchange and real-time communication. Interested friends may wish to specifically understand the command vehicles of certain specific functions, such as combat command vehicles, emergency rescue command vehicles, medical rescue command vehicles, and communications command vehicles.

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