How to use bulk feed carriers in summer

The scorching summer needs to strengthen the care for bulk feed carriers. Recently, this kind of weather caused the tyres to rise due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. Therefore, when pumping up the tires of a vehicle, it should not be too full. You can also choose to add nitrogen to your tires because the thermal stability of nitrogen will be better, preventing punctures in hot weather. In the rainy weather, the bulk feed carrier must observe the wear of the tire tread. If the tread wear is serious, it needs to be replaced immediately.


In the hot season, the most important thing to prevent is the high temperature of the engine of the bulk feed truck. If the engine temperature is too high, it is necessary to immediately perform cooling protection. The cooling of the engine of the bulk feed carrier can be carried out in several ways. The first is the use of high-viscosity engine oil for use in the summer, the second is the timely cleaning of the fan, and finally the need for the vehicle cooling system to operate. Check in place to ensure that the cooling system has a smooth running condition.

The next step is to do a good job of protecting the tanks of bulk feed carriers, because the tanks are the most important box cooling system for bulk feed trucks. It is also guaranteed that the cooling system has a performance effect. Moreover, in the hot summer season, it is more important to exist. It is necessary to ensure that the quantity of water tanks in bulk feed carriers is sufficient enough. If it is found that water in the tanks of vehicles has appeared in the presence of boiling cylinders, then it is necessary to The structure lid is opened to cool it down. To avoid the driver being burned, wait until the water temperature is lowered before opening the lid for the next inspection.

Tray Series

It has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, small gas pressure drop, small liquid level drop on the plate, and higher production capacity and plate efficiency than the bubble cap tray. Disadvantages:
The operation elasticity is small, the mesh hour is easy to plug, but as long as the design is reasonable, the use of large aperture, coupled with the correct operation, can overcome the shortcomings, obtain
More satisfactory tray efficiency, metal, non-metal materials, etc.

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