Long-term development of high-speed development of Suzhou Jinlong Haig Bus

In the passenger vehicle industry in China, Jinlong United Automotive Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Suzhou Jinlong”) is a young enterprise and one of the fastest growing companies. Since its establishment in December 1998, Suzhou Jinlong has gradually grown from being a “king of China and Pakistan” to becoming one of the largest passenger car manufacturers in China by strengthening monitoring and management, opening up overseas markets, and pushing for safety concepts. Suzhou Jinlong also achieved sales of over 5 billion yuan in sales in just 10 years.

Strengthen monitoring and management, pay close attention to product quality

The development of the enterprise is inseparable from the high-quality products. The development of Suzhou Jinlong also benefits from the ambiguous pursuit of product quality. "Our department is responsible for the effective operation of the entire company's quality management system, including the inspection of spare parts, the monitoring of the entire vehicle manufacturing process, and the inspection of the entire vehicle." As the manager of the company's quality management department, Zhang Ping's burden is not light.

According to reports, in the early days of its establishment, Suzhou Golden Dragon focused on strengthening product quality management. The “limited time rectification” is the work that Suzhou Jinlong has always insisted on for many years. The Quality Management Department lists a number of rectification plans for the problems that arise, and cooperates with specific rewards and penalties to require relevant departments and employees to complete within a limited time. “Every month, we will hold a quality regular meeting to inform the completion of the rectification of the previous stage and the progress of the quality management work, and at the same time formulate the action plan for the next step.” Zhang Ping said, “The deadline for rectification is to improve product quality. A key role has been achieved.” At the same time, Suzhou Jinlong has signed quality assurance agreements with suppliers each year to ensure the quality of accessories.
On October 10, 2006, 500 Hagrid passenger cars that were ready to serve the 15th Doha Asian Games set foot on a journey to Qatar. This is the first time that Chinese passenger cars have left the country to serve international major events. “The hot weather conditions in Qatar and the driving habits of the locals who do not stop for a long time put high demands on vehicle performance. Fortunately, our products have withstood the test and won praise. Due to the 'Hager’ bus With excellent performance, Qatar customers have successively purchased products from us after the Asian Games and currently have accumulated more than 1,000 vehicles, said Wang Xinliang, director of the company's brand management department.

Joint King of Highways, expanding overseas markets

With unremitting efforts, Suzhou Jinlong not only won a good market reputation, but also won the favor of international counterparts. At the beginning of this year, Suzhou Golden Dragon set up a luxury car business unit, and jointly with the international commercial vehicle giant Scania, which is known as the “king of roads”, to jointly produce dual-brand Scania Hager luxury passenger cars, continuously improving its brand image and actively marching forward. Europe and the United States developed countries market.

"We started to cooperate with Scania in 2004. In March 2007, Scania signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Haeger Bus," said Zhou Rongzhi, general manager of the company's luxury car division. Suzhou Jinlong ushered in new opportunities for development.
As an internationally renowned company, Scania is also a natural choice for finding partners in China. "First of all, the two companies are in terms of culture

There are many similarities. For example, our customer is supreme, continuous improvement, and refinement of the concept of Scania is very much in agreement. Secondly, Suzhou Jinlong's scale, strength, and ability to respond to product improvements quickly satisfied each Other. In addition, the most critical point is that our product quality has been recognized by the other party. "Chou Rongzhi said.

Through cooperation, Suzhou Jinlong not only took the opportunity to learn advanced management experience, improve product quality and brand awareness, but also can use Scania's sales service system to sell products manufactured around the world with minimal investment. According to Zhou Rongzhi, as of October this year, nearly 100 Scania Hager passenger coaches have already been handed over to customers. At present, the two sides have jointly developed a variety of models and are actively preparing for full access to the European market.

Promote "safety" concepts, serve customers, benefit society

Enterprises must have a foothold in the fierce market competition and customer service is essential. "Products are the link between companies and customers, but we do not only do after-sales service for products, but consider the problem from the perspective of customers and serve customers." Liu Xueyuan, business manager of the company's customer service department said.

Suzhou Jinlong divides its service flow based on customer demand. “As for the needs of user product repair and complaint channels, we have established a service, spare parts mobilization center, and a call center. At the same time, we have established a system support center for the efficient operation of the service system.” Liu Xueyuan said, “At present, working The process has been set up, and the assessment of services has also been indexed. We conduct a rigorous assessment of every aspect of the work to improve the quality of customer service."

As a passenger vehicle, the safety of passenger cars is particularly important and critical. In view of this, Suzhou Jinlong has penetrated into every aspect of product development, production and marketing. At the same time, Suzhou Jinlong is committed to the publicity and education of passenger car safety. The Haig Security Auditorium held through the popularization of traffic safety knowledge to improve the safety awareness of the passenger transport industry to reduce the accident rate of the passenger transport industry. “The 'Hager Security Auditorium' provided customers with a complete set of passenger transportation security solutions. At the same time, 'security' was brought to every corner of the event,” Wang Xinliang said proudly.

In the 10 years of Suzhou Golden Dragon, not only has the company's own take-off take off, but more importantly it has linked social responsibility with its own development, and has determined to spread the concept of “security” to every corner of society. Wang Xinliang said that Haig’s “safety” activities will be more in-depth and pragmatic next year, spreading the “safety” concept widely, making people’s travel more secure and making their business more secure. It is a Suzhou Jinlong Haeger Bus. An eternal goal.


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