Inner Mongolia One Machine Group Company Bulldozer Sends to Africa

On the morning of February 20, 2002, Inner Mongolia First Machine Group Corporation held a grand launch ceremony and the first batch of foreign trade bulldozers were shipped to Africa.

The construction machinery products represented by bulldozers are large-scale civil product projects developed by Inner Mongolia Yiji Group Company after nearly ten years of hard work. The military-civilian compatibility of this product has brought into full play the military-industrial enterprise's technology and production advantages. It has become the core product of Inner Mongolia Yiji Group Co., Ltd., and occupies a very important position in the company's five major business operations. At the same time, it is listed as the "Tenth Five-year Plan" weapon industry. One of the key projects for the development of the Group’s civil products.

During the “10th Five-Year Plan” period, Inner Mongolia First Machine Group Co., Ltd. carried out all-round rectification of construction machinery products in terms of quality, market, cost, R&D, etc. in accordance with the company’s requirements for large-scale operation and development, further enhancing the market competitiveness of construction machinery products. We have achieved remarkable results in the development of domestic and international markets. In the field demonstration of the national key project of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau from Lhasa to Golmud Railway last year, the "Dada" brand high-type bulldozer produced by Inner Mongolia First Machine Group Company fully demonstrated the company's construction machinery products with high performance, high quality, high reliability, and high efficiency. The development and design strength and manufacturing level were well received. The signing of the ten foreign trade contracts for bulldozers and the smooth performance of the contract further demonstrated the achievements and strength of Inner Mongolia Yiji Group's construction machinery products based on the domestic market and expanding into the international market.
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