Positive factors driving the recovery of Tianjin seamless steel pipe market

Recently, China's continuous introduction of favorable macroeconomic policies has driven the recovery of the Tianjin seamless steel pipe market. Since November, the market price of Tianjin seamless steel pipe has fluctuate and declined, but the decline has been greatly reduced, showing a trend of consolidation and stabilization.
According to relevant market survey organizations in Tianjin, compared with November 14th and November 14th, the price drop of Tianjin seamless steel pipe market has been reduced from RMB 200/tonne to RMB 250/tonne to RMB 50/tonne. If the material is No. 20, the specification Φ159mm×6.0mm seamless steel pipe fell from 4,550 yuan / ton to 4,500 yuan / ton, a decrease of 50 yuan / ton, while the November 14th and November 7 compared to a drop of 250 yuan / ton The material is No.20 and the specification Φ219mm×8.0mm seamless steel pipe fell from 4,900 yuan/ton to 4,850 yuan/ton, a decrease of 50 yuan/ton, and the decrease rate was 200 yuan/ton on November 14 and November 7. .
The hottest measures in Tianjin industry are the ten measures that are worth a trillion yuan. In the near term, boost confidence in the seamless market. From the market's expectation, petroleum gas fuels are the key infrastructure development industry in China, and the demand for seamless steel tubes will not decrease but will only increase. This year, especially after entering the second half of the year, China's economic growth has slowed down. However, the momentum of oil and gas pipeline construction remains weak. Statistics show that in the first nine months of this year, China’s crude oil volume increased by 2.0% compared with the same period of last year, industrial boiler production increased by 7.1% year-on-year, and civilian steel ship production increased by 38.0%. The expansion of domestic demand measures will undoubtedly accelerate the construction of domestic petroleum gas fuels. According to the forecast of the national planning and statistics department, by 2010, various types of gas pipelines constructed in China include natural gas trunk lines, branch lines, regional pipeline networks, and urban pipelines. Nets, crude oil product oil transmission pipelines, submarine crude oil and natural gas pipelines, LNG pipelines, coalbed methane and coal-water slurry pipelines, and other fluid pipelines, etc., require an average of 3.5 to 4 million tons of pipelines per year. Thus, by 2010, about 175,000 to 20 million tons of oil and gas pipelines will be required, of which about 525 to 6 million tons of LSAW pipes, about 7-8 million tons of SSAW pipes, and about 525 to 6 million tons of ERW pipes.
The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation announced on November 13 that they will increase the tax rebate rate for export commodities again from December 1 and adjust the export tariffs on some products, including the cancellation of export duties on some steel products. To further promote the steel exports in September and October. It can be seen that from this year, the country’s “restricted exports” of steel products to “moderate exports” to the current “promotion of exports” will undoubtedly push the export momentum.
Tianjin is an important base for the production of seamless steel tubes in China. Tianjin Pipe Group Co., Ltd. has the rolling mill units of the four advanced models of MPM, PQF, ASSEL and REM in the world. At present, it is possible to produce seamless steel pipes with OD 32mm to Ф720mm. The products cover the entire range of oil well pipes. The new products not only supply domestic key projects, but also are sold to the United States, Iran, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Russia and other countries.
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