Domestic liquid soft starter successfully put into operation at Anshan Iron and Steel

Recently, the main part of the major technological transformation projects of Anshan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. in Er'hao Group and Dongshao 360m2 sintering and excavation site reconstruction project—four sets of 10kV and 5600kW sintering main air units have been started using a domestic GZYQ liquid soft starter, and the whole line has been tested and commissioned once. Succeeded, it has been officially put into production conditions.

The project was contracted by Changsha Metallurgical Design and Research Institute. The high-power motor soft-starting device is for international and domestic bidding. The patented new product of Hubei Hi-day Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-pressure cage type liquid soft starter with excellent performance price. Better than one win. This is the first time that a liquid-state soft starter made in China has been used in large-scale high-voltage and high-power synchronous motors of an ultra-large metallurgical enterprise such as Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., and has saved nearly 30 million yuan more than the introduction of foreign variable-frequency starter equipment.

(China Electromechanical Daily)
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Electrostatic Precipitator
The principle of electrostatic precipitator is to use high voltage electric field to ionize the smoke. The dust charge in the airflow is separated from the airflow under the action of electric field. The negative electrode is made of metal wires with different cross-section shapes, called discharge electrodes.
Positive electrodes are made of metal plates of different shapes, called dust collecting electrodes. The performance of electrostatic precipitator is affected by three factors, such as dust property, equipment structure and flue gas velocity. The specific resistance of dust is an index to evaluate the conductivity. It has a direct effect on the efficiency of dust removal. When the resistance is too low, the dust particles are hard to keep on the dust collecting electrode, causing them to return to the airstream. When the specific resistance is too high, the charge of dust particles reaching the Dust Collector is not easy to release. The voltage gradient between the dust layers will cause partial breakdown and discharge. These conditions will result in a decrease in the efficiency of the dust removal.
Working principle
The basic principle of electrostatic precipitator is to collect dust in flue gas by electricity. It mainly includes four interrelated physical processes: (1) ionization of gases. (2) the charge of dust. (3) the charged dust moves toward the electrode. (4) the capture of charged dust.
The capture process of charged dust: on the two different metal anodes and cathodes with different radius of curvature, a high voltage direct current is used to maintain an electric field enough to ionize the gas. The electrons produced by the ionization of the gas, the anion and the cation, are adsorbed on the dust through the electric field, so that the dust can be charged. Under the action of the electric field force, the electrodes with different electrode properties move to the electrodes of different polarity and deposited on the electrode, so as to achieve the purpose of separation of dust and gas.
Compared with other dedusting equipment, electrostatic precipitator has less energy consumption and high dust removal efficiency. It is suitable for removing dust from 0.01 to 50 m in flue gas, and can be used in high temperature and pressure occasions. Practice shows that the larger the flue gas volume is, the more economical the investment and operation cost of electrostatic precipitator will be.
Technology of horizontal electrostatic precipitator with wide spacing
The HHD type wide spacing horizontal electrostatic precipitator is an introduction and reference of foreign advanced technology, combined with the characteristics of industrial furnace exhaust gas conditions in various industries in China, in order to adapt to the increasingly stringent emission requirements and the research and development of the WTO market standards. The results have been widely used in metallurgy, power, cement and other industries.
Optimum wide spacing and special plate configuration
The electric field intensity and the plate current distribution are more uniform, the drive speed can be increased by 1.3 times, and the trap dust is expanded to 101-1014 -cm in the range of resistance. It is especially suitable for the high resistance dust recovery of the waste gas of the vulcanized bed boiler, the new cement dry rotary kiln and the sintering machine and so on, and reduce or eliminate the reverse corona phenomenon.
A new RS corona line
The maximum length of up to 15 meters, with low halo voltage, corona current density, strong steel, never breakage, with high temperature resistance, resistance to heat change, combined with the top mode of blast cleaning effect is excellent. According to the concentration of dust, the corona wire density can be configured to meet the high dust concentration. The maximum allowable inlet concentration can reach 1000g/Nm 3.
Corona pole top vibrator
According to the theory of dust removal, the top electrode can be vibrated with strong vibration. Two optional ways of mechanical and electromagnetic can be adopted.
The free suspension of both yin and Yang
The dust collector and corona system of HHD electric dust collector use a three-dimensional suspension structure. When the exhaust gas temperature is too high, the dust collector and corona pole will expand freely in the three-dimensional direction. The collector system also specially designs the restraint structure of the heat resistant steel belt, which makes the HHD electric dust collector have a higher resistance to heat change and the commercial operation table. It is clear that the maximum temperature resistance of HHD electric dust collector is up to 390 degrees C.
Increase the acceleration of vibrator
The effect of dust cleaning is improved: the dust collector system has a direct effect on the efficiency of dust collecting. Most of the electric collector shows a decline in efficiency after a period of time. The main reason is the poor effect of the dust collecting plate. The HHD electric dust collector uses the latest impact theory and Practice results to change the traditional flat steel impact rod knot. It is constructed as a whole steel structure, and the structure of the side vibrator of the dust collector is simplified to reduce the drop weight by 2/3. The experiment shows that the minimum acceleration of the surface of the dust collector is increased from 220G to 356G.
Small area and light weight
As the discharge electrode system is designed by the top vibrator, and the unsymmetrical suspension design is used creatively for each electric field, and the design of the shell computer software is optimized by the American environmental equipment company, the total length of the electric dust collector is reduced by 3-5 meters and the weight is reduced by 15%.
High guarantee insulation system
In order to prevent the high voltage insulation material of the electrostatic precipitator from dewing and climbing, the shell is designed by the double inflatable roof of the heat storage. The electric heating adopts the latest PTC and PTS materials, and the bottom of the insulation casing is designed by the hyperbolic back blowing design, which completely eliminates the easy failure of the porcelain casing dew and creeping, and the maintenance and replacement are very convenient.
Matching L-C high system
High voltage control can be controlled by DSC system, upper computer operation, low voltage control using PLC control, and Chinese touch screen operation. The high voltage power supply uses constant current and high impedance DC power to match the HHD electrostatic precipitator body. It has the advantages of high dust removal efficiency, high specific resistance and high concentration.

Electrostatic Precipitator

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