Luo Jian successfully built the first articulated static roller three-wheel roller in China

The LGS21822 articulated static roller triple roller developed and designed by Luoyang Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was successfully manufactured in the middle of last year.
LGS21822 roller is a new generation product newly developed and designed by Luoyang Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. The designers of the company designed the product according to the characteristics of the vast territory of our country and the great difference in altitude. The overall appearance of this product is streamlined and articulated. With a new cab with air conditioning, the operating space is reasonable and the vision is wide. The engine hood can be opened, and accessories such as the engine and transmission system are fully exposed for easy maintenance. With the Cummins B Series 6BT5.9 pressurised water-cooled engine, the engine can be tilted by 35° in any direction and can be easily started at minus 12°C without any cold start aid. If a cold start aid is fitted, it can be started at minus 35°C. The product has good plateau performance, low fuel consumption, low noise, low smoke emission, and low emissions of harmful substances.
The machine adopts advanced technology such as large rollers, three wheel diameters equal, four-speed eight-speed rear drive, equidistantly articulated hydraulic steering, all-wheel braking, and thus overcomes the current practice of adopting the overall airframe in static three-wheel rollers. The resulting visibility and poor passability, non-coincidence of compaction trajectories, uneven compaction surface, poor lateral stability, inconvenience of maintenance, and leakage pressure and overpressure.
The successfully built LGS 21822 articulated static roller tricycle roller roller locomotive was designed according to China's national conditions and the development trend of world static roller. It can meet the requirements for use in high-altitude areas above 4,000 meters, and is particularly suitable for use in the northwest region. The advent of the aircraft has filled the domestic gap. This ideal environment-friendly compaction equipment will create a good economic benefit for Luoyang Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
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